Kiama is a must visit for travellers to the South Coast. The Blow Hole, a natural rock formation which spurts water up high into the air in the right conditions draws people from near and far to enjoy the fascinating display. Just down from the hill from the blowhole is the Kiama ocean pool which is a picturesque spot for a quick dip, and if you continue around the headland you will reach the fishmarkets where you can get a tasty bite to eat or grab some prawns to go and enjoy a picnic down in the harbour at Black Beach.

The main street is lined with quality cafes and eateries, sprinkled with the odd boutique shop and if you continue further north past the Kiama Park you will come across the Terrace Shops at Kiama – Deer Willow is a haven for any shopaholic, bring your purse and you have been warned!