Local Growers and Suppliers

Bangalay Dining

The culinary journey starts well before it reaches the kitchen. Quality food starts in dairies and pastures, fields and sheds. It requires hardworking and passionate producers dedicating themselves to their craft and nurturing their livestock and produce with time and practicing care, integrity and sustainability. We are so fortunate to live in such an abundant food bowl on the South Coast, and here at Bangalay Dining, we use many local producers to help us attain the best quality food for the best quality dishes in our restaurant. Here are a few of our marvellous suppliers.

Schottlanders Wagyu Gerringong

Schottlanders Wagyu farm was established in 2005 by Gerhard Baden and is located 15 minutes drive north of Bangalay in the picturesque locality of Rose Valley, near Gerringong. Lush green paddocks dominate this area of the South Coast and the farm is no exception, with 230 acres of prime grazing land for cattle to wander, remaining chemical-free for the past 40 years.

Schottlanders Wagyu has created a self-sufficient station by only feeding cattle with crops grown locally on the property. This follows the recognition that when cattle are free to follow their natural diet and graze on fresh pasture it is significantly healthier for both the cattle and ultimately the consumer.

Strong Organics

We source a lot of our vegetables from Strong Organics, a small certified organic local growers vegetable farm in Terara. Passionate producer Josh grows the highest quality seasonal vegetables which thrive in the rich soils of Terara.

Crooked River Farm

Our chickens are sustainably sourced from Crooked River Farm, a small scale, mixed species local farm based in Gerringong. Producing pasture raised chickens, the local coastal farm sits on the fertile flats of Crooked River.

Kangaroo Valley Pastured Eggs

A local small family farm in the scenic hinterland village of Kangaroo Valley. Kristen’s passion and focus is on sustainability, regenerative farming and the welfare of their chickens that are fully pastured. Thanks to Kristen and the girls, our eggs at Bangalay Dining are both ethical and delicious.


Rockfield Park

Rockfield Park was the first settlement on Berry Mountain back in the 1860s. With a birds eye view over the entire Shoalhaven from the country to the coast, it is now home to Berry Mountain Lamb.  We source high quality pasture raised lamb for Bangalay Dining from the green pastures of Rockfield Park to ensure our lamb dishes feature uncompromised flavour and are sourced locally and sustainably.


South Coast Dairy

Spectacular scenery aside, the South Coast of New South Wales features some of the richest pasturelands found in Australia. The conditions are ideal for the dairy industry, with carefully selected herds nurtured across many local dairy farms throughout the region.

Dedicated farmers are fully committed to the care, health and wellbeing of their herds. These key elements enable South Coast Dairy to produce premium quality milk and cream which is widely regarded as the freshest milk around.

Something Wild

Something Wild are at the forefront of supplying native Indigenous food to restaurants and consumers around Australia. With strong relationships forged with Indigenous communities, Something Wild proudly promote and supply unique produce from one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. The products not only allow customers to experience produce which celebrates Indigenous culture, but also provides positive opportunities and outcomes for many rural Indigenous communities.

Mountainside Meats

Located just a few streets away from us here in Shoalhaven Heads, sits our local, award winning local butcher Mountainside Meats. Dedicated to their craft, this team of local butchers headed by Nathan Alcock are both creative and daring and make a mean sausage combination, earning them plenty of shiny accolades along the way.