MYNS Pop Up with Bryce Mason

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Introducing MYNS: a pop-up restaurant brought to life by Bangalay’s current head chef Bryce Mason, a seasoned talent with a rich background in some of the most esteemed kitchens across the South Coast to Canberra corridor. From the Hungry Duck and Wharf Road under David Campbell to Rebel Rebel with Sean McConnel, and the refined atmosphere of Pilot and ‘Such and Such’ under Malcolm Hanslow, Bryce’s journey has been one of relentless dedication and refinement.

Now, MYNS emerges as Bryce’s passion project, a testament to his accumulated expertise and creative vision. It marks his debut as the architect of a dining experience, where every element bears his signature touch. Hosted at Bangalay Dining, MYNS promises an exquisite 6-course dinner menu brimming with bold flavours, complemented by optional add-ons, and a 3-course lunch menu.

At its heart, MYNS embodies a highly focused culinary ethos within the modern Australian genre. Dietary preferences are warmly accommodated, and BYO options are available upon request, ensuring an inclusive dining experience for all guests.

As the current head chef at Bangalay Dining, Bryce reflects on his journey with pride, stating, “After 7 years of focused progression, I feel confident to put my name behind a concept entirely my own.” MYNS is a celebration of food presented with a playful twist, inviting guests to indulge in an experience that is both creative and unapologetically delicious.

Lunch – 4 courses $70  |  Dinner – 6 courses $90


Thursday 1st August – Dinner

Friday 2nd August – Lunch

Friday 2nd August – Dinner

Saturday 3rd August – Lunch

Saturday 3rd August – Dinner

Monday 5th August – Lunch 

Monday 5th August – Dinner