Target Creek Farm – Kangaroo Valley

Local Produce

Target Creek Farm is owned by Brad & Tabitha Hawthorne. They raise cattle on a 40 hectare farm in Kangaroo Valley. Target Creek Farm purchased their Angus cattle herd from a local farmer over seven years ago.

While focusing on rearing grass-fed beef and the occasional free-range pig, Target Creek Farm has adopted regenerative farming practices. The primary aim is to improve soil biology to eventually eliminate carbon reliant inputs (synthetic fertilisers) whilst increasing productivity and soil health. Initial farm projects involved fencing off dams and watercourses from stock and increasing the number of paddocks for better pasture management.

In recent years Target Creek Farm has been working to maintain 100% grass/crop cover throughout the seasons with a diversity of species, and not spraying out pastures between times. Last year they trialed on farm composting and this year are experimenting with vermicomposting. Both products will be used to increase soil carbon and micro-organisms. In 2021, Target Creek Farm won Champion Beef Carcass in the member’s division of the South Coast Beef Spectacular. They also won Reserve Champion Carcass in the lightweight school’s division, having supplied Dapto High School agricultural department with a black Angus x Limousin steer for showing.

Target Creek Farm works with Bangalay Dining to build a community food system that supports local farmers. Their aim is to raise grass-fed beef, direct to the consumer whilst improving the sustainability of their farm.